The Truth about Being a Stay-at-Home Mom.

Seven Years. I guess it’s not that long……it could be considered a growing period – because- for sure, that’s what I’ve done, but……..7 years.

Seven years ago, I made the decision to be a stay at home  mom for my kids. To ‘work’ at taking care of them, my husband, and my home. It was the decision that was best for our family, not everyone’s.

Wednesday Morning- Late, we’re running late, as usual in our house- I was up until 1:00am making cupcakes for the kids school(being a stay-at-home mom, I can’t just go out and buy snacks for the kids school parties-it’s not in the budget)…..Josh( My youngest – 2 yrs.) is getting into EVERYTHING, he grabs a bag of chips that was put away up high, dumps the entire bag upside down on the floor while I am in the middle of making the kids lunches for school, as I am cleaning the chips up, he walks into our bedroom and dumps out a full basket of folded laundry, I quickly get my other two their socks and finish packing their lunches, get my 2 year old into his coat, make sure lunches are in the backpacks and we all head up to the bus stop….now, to go back home and clean up the tornado that just went through our house.

Later in the day, as I am trying to have my bible time, Josh pushes the kitchen chairs over to the counter and tries to climb up the counter to get the snacks, I take him down , put the chair back, and continue with my reading, within 2 minutes, he’s back at it, I proceed to repeat the following steps every 2 minutes for the next half hour until I am done my bible time.

I quietly get Josh a snack and his cup.

I slowly try to go to the bathroom, but as soon as I am in the bathroom and about to sit down, I hear little footsteps running toward the fridge where Josh then tries to find himself another snack if I don’t make it back out there in time. He has pulled an entire carton of eggs out and smashed them on the floor. I am so thankful another Mom told me her bible time almost felt impossible when the kids we’re that age…because it is tough!

Now we’re going to go do some online banking and pay the bills, while I’m at the computer, Josh is climbing all over me, walking around the house, pulling stuff out of cupboards, and again, pushing the chair over to the counter to try and get a ‘snack’. After I am done with the online stuff, I clean up the house again, because Josh has gotten into the cupboards and sometimes pulled all the cushions off the couch. Then Josh and I head down to the basement, to my sewing room. I have to make sure Layla’s door is shut, as well as the bathroom, laundry room and utility room. Josh goes into Caleb’s room and proceeds to make a huge mess while I get an hour or two of sewing done. Next, you would think would come naptime, but, there have been days I have put Josh down for a nap at 11:30am and he is still up by 2:30 pm, so, He’s only two, but we’re down to a nap every other day, or maybe three times a week. So for the afternoon, we try and get stuff done around the house, I’ve started by blog, and am working on getting a sewing business started – SEW DIVINE Sewing Repairs and Alterations – by 2:00 or so, I am getting supper started so we can eat when Layla and Caleb ( my other two – Layla:11, Caleb:7) get home from school- so that if we have soccer, or Gems, or church council, that night, we’ve already eaten.

Today….I am going to cut the boys hair after school. Being a stay-at-home Mom, we can’t afford 5 different haircuts. So I cut the boys and my husband at home  (I actually went to hairdressing school before I was home)I cut my own hair and my daughters, but my daughter sometimes likes to get her hair colored at her grandmothers hair salon. I color, cut and style my own hair for free. Well, except for the cost of the color, but I try to pick it up when it’s on sale! Then, to wash the floors on hands and knee’s after the haircut, because HAIR GETS EVERYWHERE!!

If the kids have a birthday party, I am usually up until 2 or 3am sewing a hand made monster pillow or name pillow. Christmas is one of my VERY busiest times, Being a stay at home Mom, And living on just my husbands income – we can’t afford to buy gifts for two kids teachers and bus drivers, principal, piano teacher, not to mention our Pastor and our church family plus our close friends and family. I make over 60 gifts for Christmas.

Is it easy? Never. Would it be worth it if it wasn’t? No.

Being a stay at home Mom is a lot harder than anyone imagines…We’ve all heard it a thousand times, but lets say it again so people really knowA stay at home mom is a FULL TIME JOB. There are no vacations, sick days, bonus’s or work parties. There are poopy diapers, snotty noses, massive spills. There are no 5 minutes to yourself on the drive to work or a quiet lunch in the lunchroom or outside on a bench. There are beautiful eyes that tell you-you are their world. There is no work “gossip”, no advancement and no hope of a promotion, but…there are tiny hands that hold yours while quietly saying “I love you Momma’, And long slow hugs. The reward of hearing ‘Your’re the best, Mom!’ when you’ve worked hard to make, or give them something they need.

If I want my nails done, I stay up until 1am doing them. If I want my hair colored, I stay up until after 1am to do it. There are no Spa days, no manicures, no salon visits. There are the joys of watching your children mature and grow into the people you’ve been praying for. The slow moments when everything’s not rushed…where you can really enjoy the presence of your family.

7 years is a long time, it’s also a short time, depending on what your talking about – A seven year old child still has much to learn. A seven year veteran, would tell you they saw a million years in that short time. But I’ll let ya know….it’s been seven years of building my character. I have grown and learned so much that I wouldn’t have, if I had of been so busy with life I forgot about how God moves in the little things, how, it truly is living by faith, on one income, praying that the Lord provides for our needs. Not working so hard that  I feel I have a right to a bunch of fancy stuff.

Has it been easy? Honestly……. No.But is anything worth having, easy to get?

Everyday, I pray for the Lords’ wisdom and guidance in raising these three beautiful children the Lord has blessed us with. I pray for his patience when things get really tough. Because, believe me….there are tough days- but, I wouldn’t be who I am today if it were not for the trials, struggles, joys and wonders of being a stay- at- home Mom.

Is being a stay at home Mom for you? I don’t know….I can’t answer that question for you. It was decision we made for our family because we knew it was what was best for us at the time.

So….What’s the Truth about being a Stay-at-Home Mom? It’s harder than you would ever imagine…..lets have a little compassion.


The Diary of a Humble Believer

When I was little….I dreamed of  fancy dinners and pretty dresses, I dreamed of visiting exotic destinations and meeting engaging philanthropists, but, as luck would have it… life has turned out very different.

But would I change it?

Never, never in a million years.

My name is Mellissa Lalonde, And this first blog post isn’t going to be too exciting- if that’s what your looking for – just a quick post to Introduce my Blog and myself. So here goes:

As I mentioned, My name is Mellissa, I am 30 years old. I am married to my best friend and the man of my dreams ( a post for another day, about how our Mighty Lord answers prayer!),  I have four unique, energetic children (three at home with me – again, that will be a post for another day……) and I am a proud Stay – at – Home Mom.

Yes, My life is different than I ever imagined it would be, but isn’t everyone’s? No one tells you when you are a child that you’ll be cleaning dirty diapers and wiping snotty noses for a full time job when your an adult, or replacing friendships with little hands that need help, but…that doesn’t mean what your doing is not important. You know I came across a really interesting saying the other day -concerning a Momma eagle waiting for her eggs to hatch- there’s something beautiful in watching a creature do what it was created to do, just being a momma eagle, taking care of her young, loving them, keeping them warm and safe. Our Heavenly Father feels the same way  There’s something BEAUTIFUL about a woman doing what she was created to do…just bein a momma, taking care of her young, loving them, keeping them warm and safe. May you feel blessed today, and know that whatever your doing- your doing it beautifully!

Stay tuned for my next post!