JOY….Unspeakable JOY

Have you ever been separated from a dear friend or loved one and then experienced joy when that person returned?

That is like the joy God experiences when we return to him.

Recently, a dear friend and I had been separated for what seemed like an eternity. I was really hurt and sad not having my ‘best’ friend around to share with, and talk with and laugh about hilarious things that only we get.

There was a disagreement, we stopped talking -I cried and my heart ached for that friendship back. I prayed. I prayed God would help me let go of things I needed to.

Almost 3 years later – we were reunited……and the joy…unspeakable joy…..that I felt was amazing…. truly, there are no words that can describe the happiness you feel when you are reunited with a loved one.

And the Lord showed me….really showed me…through repeatedly having the same topic come up-over and over again, day after day….

That Joy…..the Unspeakable Joy we feel when being reunited with a loved one, is the same Joy he feels every  time we repent and return to him….

“For a brief moment I abandoned you, but with great compassion I will take you back. In a burst of anger I turned my face away for a little while, but with everlasting love I will have compassion on you.” says the Lord, your redeemer. Isaiah 54:6-8 (NLT)







I never knew……

I never knew being a Mom was so rewarding. I never knew being a Mom was so tiring…..This is the perspective you have when you have three young kids and your struggling with pneumonia.

It’s been a month since the last time I was able to post anything. The day after my last post, I went to the hospital, and found out I have pneumonia – for the second time this winter, my apologies…but hopefully, I am back on track now!

Coughing, gasping, struggling for air….the kids are taking advantage of the fact Mom is down and out. I can’t yell at them, I can’t get them in trouble, I can’t tell them ‘no’….I can hardly talk-let alone tell them to stop doing something. I try to tell my oldest son hurts to talk- just the breath you need to utter a word is excruciating, I try to giggle a little, to lighten the situation, but even that hurts.

Finally, thankfully, my husband gets home from work and I make my way over to the hospital, I already know what it is….I’ve had it so many times now, I just need them to give me some antibiotics! And yes, Low and behold, I have pneumonia. Twice this winter. 6 times my whole life. Usually, it only takes me a few days or a week to get up and going again- it’s been a month and I still feel a little fatigued sometimes. I try my best to get rest…but, with a 2 year old that doesn’t nap……it can be a little tricky!

I could barely stand up without feeling dizzy and lightheaded and needing to sit down again…but as a Mom, that doesn’t happen. I have three little people I need to make sure are bathed, clothed and fed, before I can rest, then after that, maybe…just maybe…I may get to sit down and rest for a few minutes.

I never knew……How tired all the Mom’s, I knew when I was younger, were!

I never knew……When your a ‘stay-at-home’ Mom, there are no days to rest and ‘get better’ ( everyone ALWAYS needs to eat, and have clothes to wear, and be clean-EVERYDAY)

I never knew……How important it is to take care of yourself – so you can take care of others!

So…it’s been a month of trying to take care of myself – eating right, exercising, daily bible time, daily meditation time ( meditating on the Word of God) drinking enough water, and using my puffers( from the pneumonia)….while taking care of three little ones and a husband who works 14-16 hrs a day.

But, ‘Nothing is impossible with God’ Luke 1:37

And I know, with His help…..I’ll soon get feeling better!