Daily Prompt: Cowardice

Cowardice: A lack of bravery, a lack of courage facing danger, pain or difficulty.

Aren’t we all guilty of this from one time to another? As I look back on years past, I like to believe I made the brave choice, I like to think I was courageous while I faced danger, pain and difficulty: but the truth is…..I am easily discouraged, I very easily back way from danger if I know I can prevent it…..so, maybe, I am a coward.

Is there a difference between being a coward and showing cowardice once in a while? I feel there is. As I look back, I was brave to place my firstborn daughter for adoption- even though I knew the pain ( both physical and emotional) I was about to experience. I was courageous enough to give her life. That doesn’t make me feel like a coward.

Do I enjoy meeting with large groups of people whom I don’t know? No. truthfully, I have a hard time making small talk, I hate to mess up. I hate to be embarrassed, And if I know either of these two things could happen, I usually try to back out. This makes me feel like a coward.

Having 3 children naturally with no anesthetic, makes me feel brave.

I could go on about the times I have felt brave and courageous, but I can also go on about the times I have felt less than that….. maybe a little like a coward.

But I prefer to believe that we are not cowards ( well, some of us may be) as much as we are brave.

We are not cowardice, as much as we are courageous!




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