Note to Self: The Lord Answers Prayer in Unexpected Ways….

Today, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, there is a gentle breeze making the leaves in the tree’s sway from side to side – truly a magnificent day! REMEMBER THIS- the feeling of overwhelming joy! I need to make myself a little reminder because today, in this busy world, we so easily forget – the reasons why we are doing the things we do, so easily forget when things seems at their lowest – we so easily forget God is still working – moving, answering our prayers with His wisdom, in His time.

We so easily forget that we cannot see all there is ahead, but our Heavenly Father can. When times seem darkest – our hearts weary from the fight – He is slowly working in ways we don’t expect.

Lately, the Lord has really been impressing on my heart that he answers prayers in ways we can’t even imagine or explain or even expect!

When it seems as though he hasn’t heard – He has! We always have to remember – we can’t see the road ahead – But God is moving – His Spirit is moving.

Sometimes when we ask for something according to His will – Our finite minds can only comprehend the answer we would expect to get.

Remember this: He answers our prayers. The Lord may give you exactly what you asked for, just in His way and in His time.

‘You haven’t done this before- ask, using my name, and you will receive, and you will have abundant joy!’ [NLT]  JOHN 16:24



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