Not so perfect….

There’s a story in our family…..My Grandpa likes to tell it, when he remembers my Grandma, staring into the distance.

Back when they first got married, as a young wife, my grandmother tries her best attempt at a home made meal for her husband – He arrives home from work to find his dinner, but a little on the burnt side. The young wife apologizes and sets out to try again tomorrow.

The next day, He arrives home from work, And again, dinner is ready. We are talking about he 1950’s here…..So, as my Grandfather sits down to eat his dinner he mentions something about the meal not quit being ‘up to par’. My grandpa always laughs at this part…..My grandma grabbed his dinner plate and through it at the wall!

Now, as I mentioned, my grandparents were just newly wed, my Grandmother was either pregnant with my mother or my mother had just been born when this happened. My grandma was trying. My Grandpa saw that she was trying, but hadn’t quite learned the value of seasoning his words……45 years later, they were happily married only parted by death. My grandma has been gone for just over 10 years.

The moral of the story? Young wives – There’s going to be hiccups – There’s going to be times when things don’t quite work out as you had planned. Your going to mess up. Your going to get angry sometimes, but keep trying. Keep looking for new ways to improve your skills. But there will also be times when you succeed. The two of you. Together. And those days are more than words can describe.

Sometimes, I think being the “Perfect Wife”, is being NOT so “Perfect”, seeing your going to mess up, seeing you don’t have it all together. Forgiving each other for those little ‘hiccups’ along the road.




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