Daily Prompt: Unfinished

via Daily Prompt: Unfinished

UNFINISHED…..I  always feel like there’s something left un-finished –

Dishes, laundry, cleaning, yard-work, sewing, baking, organizing.

Oh, to feel like everything was finished – for once – would be a wonderful feeling.

I used to feel like I got things finished, before I had children. 3 Beautiful angels – Layla, Caleb and Joshua – But, as soon as I am finished cleaning the floor, the kids tramp in with their mucky shoes and my job is not yet finished……

I give my son the option of being allowed to watch Netflix on his own, while I finish the chores – But, he got into something inappropriate online. Alas, my job is not finished…..

I get a load of dishes finished, only to have someone make something to eat, and the dishes be NOT FINISHED.

The life of a Mama is often unfinished. Unfinished chores, unfinished talks, unfinished meals…..In a fast paced life, many things get unfinished.

But, that doesn’t mean the feeling -of something being finished – isn’t treasured, I think being a Mom has made me appreciate the fact that  many things get left unfinished….And made me appreciate that feeling of accomplishment when something does get finished.


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