Confessions of a past Hairstylist….

Black, brunette, red, auburn, dirty blonde, blonde.

Many times, we would have a dark brown, or black haired client come into the salon wanting to be ‘bleach’ blonde. Don’t do it. Just don’t. And if you’re going to – BEWARE of the consequence’s. LISTEN to your stylist when they tell you your hair WILL BE DAMAGED.

I have seen it, seen it with my own eyes – I have saw hairstylists ruin their own hair trying to accomplish going from dark brown  or black, to blonde. One of the girls I went to hairstyling school with, was dark, dark brown – She decided she wanted to be bleach blonde, the salon where she worked bleached her 2-3 times and she got a CHEMICAL HAIRCUT. She had breakage all over. Her hair had been half way down her back and by the end, it was just past her shoulders. The two months I knew her, was spent repairing the damage she had created.

Hair is like fabric: You can only bleach out a black piece of fabric so many times before you ruin the integrity of the fabric – it will start breaking and falling apart. Bleach is a chemical. Hair is like fabric, you can only bleach it so many times before you ruin the integrity of the hair – it will start breaking and falling apart. Bleach is permanent, until it grows out again.

Yes, it is possible. But, there are consequences – Your hair will be very damaged. It may take 2-3 or even more applications of bleach to achieve the desired level of blonde – thus compromising the integrity of the hair. You may not be able to brush your hair while it is wet, as the pulling will exaggerate the damage already there and cause you to loose even more hair. You will need to DEEP condition every day between applications. And bleaching applications may need to be spaced out over a period of days or weeks to prevent ruining the integrity of the hair.

As hairstylists, we tell these things to our clients. But I am not sure if some people just don’t listen, they think it’s not going to happen to them, or we just don’t know what we’re talking about. As a hairstylist, we are the ones who went to school to learn about the structure of a single hair strand. We do know what we’re talking about – so PLEASE listen when we tell you what can happen to your hair if you want to be ‘Bleach Blonde’

For me, I am not even doing hair anymore – this problem, is one of the main reasons, I used to get a sinking feeling when a young brunette came in wanting to be blonde. They just don’t care what you say – they only want their hair blonde and they will do anything to get it – or so they think – until they are faced with the consequences of their decision- broken, fried, hair. And then they get mad at the stylist, after she warned them what could happen. What a mess. If only people would just listen to their stylist. It would make life a whole lot easier.



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