Hello Friends….

Hello There! It’s been a while since I’ve been able to write…..

But, all the while, my heart yearns for the pen to meet the paper….

Life is busy. As a mother of three young kids – I have to make the effort to carve out time for myself and still accomplish my goals while being the best mother I know how.

There’s lots of bumps along the way. Big Bumps. Yes, we are a Christian home, but sometimes the “F-Bomb” does get dropped in our house – And I quietly ask the Lord to help me not mess up next time, not loose my cool. For me, that’s where writing comes in. It’s a release. A release from the pressures of motherhood. A release from pressure’s of everyday life. Life is tough sometimes.

We – I,  am not perfect – there are lots of messy days, but I know My heavenly Father is leading me – slowly, surely, peacefully to the woman he wants me to be.

As a new, young( I mean, I have only been giving this writing thing a try for a few months) writer….I just pray that others are able to see Jesus through my words.

I am hoping to be able to post more soon! Please bear with me, I am going to be making some changes to my Blog. When I first started this journey. I wanted to share Jesus. I still want to continue to do that…but I also would like to share about other experiences in my life. So please forgive the ‘construction’ on my blog, as I figure out all that I will be sharing. Thank You for your support! Looking forward to building relationships in the blogging community!


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