The dictionary defines Ostentatious as characterized as pretentious, showy or vulgar behaviour. Such as ‘books that people buy and display ostentatiously without ever finishing.’

I love language, I enjoy learning the real meaning of a word. I will admit, I am the kind of person who likes to correct another’s grammar – I just can’t stand when someone is pronouncing a word wrong, or using it in the wrong grammatical format. So I enjoy participating in the DAILY PROMPT, exercising my brain and learning the true meaning of a word.

Ostentatious: This is one thing I try very hard not to be. But maybe by trying not to be showy – am I actually being showy?

I hate making people feel bad about themselves. There is so much competition in the world. I hate making people feel as though they need to compete.  I try to keep to myself, travel on my journey. I have learned people don’t need to hear advice. They need to hear you are in the same spot they are. They don’t need to hear about how you’ve changed or did this in your life, by doing this – we can appear ostentatious.

I myself, try to be humble, not vulgar. Trying to show restraint, not be too showy. I would never like to hurt someone else’s feelings. I actually really have a hard time with people who are ostentatious, because I try so hard not to be ostentatious.

In a world where there is competition in everything, being ostentatious may seem like the way to get ahead in life, but as I have watched people I have known, it looks like being humble, respectful and full of restraint gets people a lot further in life than being ostentatious.


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