A Woman’s Beauty….

People are so very picky. When it comes to  a woman’s body – one person likes this, one person likes that. If you have ever hung around with guys for any matter of time, and listen to how they speak about women – women’s bodies, women’s looks, You would get a good picture of just how picky we are as a society. But where does that leave us ladies? Constantly feeling as though- if we don’t look like this, or don’t look like that… maybe, just maybe, we’re not quite good enough.

And that’s not okay. Where have we went wrong as a society, that women feel pressured to look a certain way – And if they don’t look a certain way – they’re just not good enough.

It’s sad, heartbreaking to know, that so many women struggle with accepting themselves, as the beautiful creatures they are.

People are breathtaking. People are interesting creatures, wonderfully and beautifully made – If we could see each person as their own unique masterpiece, The world would be full of so much art. People are truly beautiful creatures. The human body is a like piece of art designed to be admired and loved, not torn apart and broken down. Each piece of art, each masterpiece -truly a magnificent work of art – no matter the size, shape or colour. People are beautiful.

Now, to raise my daughter, in a society that teaches – you have to ‘look a certain way’ to be beautiful, The one thing I want her to know is that – She was beautifully, and wonderfully made, and if she can see people as the masterpieces they really are…..That is what true beauty is.


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