Christmas Fever

I love to give presents. But, with me being home with the kids – Our budget is really tight. In the last eight years since being a Stay-at-Home Mom, I have needed to find some creative ways to give gifts!

That is one reason I am extremely busy this time of year. I have often felt – and people have actually commented to me – that it must be sooo nice to be able to be home with the kids. It is, yes. But… it has also been very tough financially. It has been hard, but we have finally gotten to a position where we are able to give a little more. I have had to tell myself ‘No’ many times over Christmas the last few years, in order to make Christmas better for other people – friends and family, and my children.

It was soo hard to sit back and want to be able to give to people but have nothing to give – it takes self control and discipline to make sure the bills are paid before you start buying gifts for people. And so, Come Christmas – I am living off 3 hours of sleep a night finishing up Handmade Christmas gifts – between sewing pajama’s, pillows, scarves, games, and making other handmade gifts, I have made over 50 handmade gifts. So…if your trying to reach me this time of year – Good Luck! because between sewing, baking, Christmas cards ( I had over 60 to do this year!) and just regular life – making breakfast, lunch and supper, laundry, taking care of the kids, I barely have time to think, but I love feeling like this – I have learned the true meaning of the saying “When you do what you love, it isn’t work”


2 thoughts on “Christmas Fever

  1. Oh dear one…I have been where you are right now! And yes, staying home is wonderful, but there indeed are sacrifices. I think it is even more difficult now. Rest assured, you will never get this time back and soon your house will sit empty of the activity that once kept you from sleep! Gees, that sounds sad doesn’t it? While seasons change, be sure and enjoy the one that you are in! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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