Epicure’s 90 day Clean Eating Challange

Oh my gosh friends…I am so excited to write about this gift I got for Christmas

A friend and mentor of mine is an EPICURE consultant.

EPICURE products are 100% gluten free, and made in a nut free facility. They are sugar and sodium consious.

At EPICURE, we’re not radical fanatics; we’re passionate realists who Challange the food industry and rally around clean eating.

So I was absolutely amazed when my friend and mentor stopped over with this package! It contains a whole set of EPICURE spices and seasonings, a recipe/cookbook, a food journal – which I am really excited about, with my underactive thyroid, I need to be keeping track of the food I eat. And some PROTEIN! 

I have only been posting here and there about my recent fitness journey – I have been on a mission to gain weight, but I wanted to gain weight in a healthy way – I wanted to put on muscle, not fat. 

I could have sat and ate chips, and doughnuts and pop and candy bars, but that wasn’t the weight I wanted to put on.

So I had to change the way I ate. I needed to eat things with good, healthy calories – I lost weight at first. I started at 112 lbs ( I am 5 feet tall) and went down to 97 lbs after cutting out sugar and carbs…but slowly, I am gaining muscle back – I am back to 110 lbs, of muscle – Which is what I was wanting to do.

I can feel the changes in my muscle tone – so can other people, My muscles are hard and toned now, instead of soft and flabby.

So this was an amazing gift, I am very excited to use it!


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