Baby Oil Life Hack

Did you know there are many uses other than skincare where you can use Baby Oil?

Here I’ll share a few of the things I use Baby Oil for in our home. You’d be amazed what this miracle worker can do!

  1. Remove make-up( eyeliner and mascara – use a Q-tip and gently wipe).
  2.  Add a few drops to your bath for silky smooth skin and a lovely scent! ( this works great for people with exczema or psoriasis.
  3.  You can use it to remove gum from hair.
  4.  You can use baby Oil, Soap and Water to make your own diaper wipes!
  5.  You can remove grease and oil from your hands with baby oil. ( put a bit on your hands and rub together, the build up will start to clump and come off.)

I’ll be sure to share if I find any more uses for this handy little fellow!

Have a wonderful day!


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