About Mellissa

I am a wife, and mother of four beautiful children – three at home with me and one who I placed for Open-Adoption when I was 17. I will tell you guys more about that in another post…I am a humble believer of  Our Heavenly Father and His Son , Jesus Christ – who studies His word earnestly. I enjoy talking about Jesus and Our Heavenly Father, but oftentimes, find there isn’t a lot of people  in my life who enjoy it as much as I do, so I have started this blog to share about my experiences with Him. It is my honest, simple study of his word. This blog is also for anyone needing encouragement! I am just getting started for now, So I am not sure of all the content I will be sharing on here…. But it will be mostly about Our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus and the mighty acts I can see them performing in my everyday life. I enjoy being home with my three beautiful children Layla~11, Caleb~7, and Joshua~2, and my wonderful husband Jim, who has been with me through much of this journey. I keep busy with my own home sewing business, so I may be posting about bumps and tricks I’ve learned along the way as well ~ Welcome, And may you be blessed.


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