Branding and Your Business

Branding can be such a powerful tool for your business. I have been participating in a business seminar that has had a lot of valuable information.
If you have visited my website lately, you will notice it is going through a lot of changes!
Wikipedia defines a Social Enterprise As:
A social enterprise is an organization that applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in financial, social and environmental well-being—this may include maximizing social impact alongside profits for external shareholders. As a consumer, buying for a social enterprise is one of the most impactful methods of supporting positive social change and your community.
This defines what I would like to do with my sewing business. I would like to be able to make products to sell ( to create a source of income) to support different initiatives in the community while providing employment for youth in the community( the impact), And others who may suffer from mental health, disability, or addictions who may not otherwise be able to find work.
I am just in the beginning stages now – but I have created a line of bags to sell to create a source of revenue to fund the other projects that are on my heart.
I have also created a line of simple re-useuable grocery bags to sell. 100% or profits will be donated to mental health in the community. Mental health, Disability and addictions have always been something that has been close to my heart. My brother has schizophrenia, and has been in and out of the hospital, I would like to be able to help in some way, but with 3 young kids, finances are a little tight – but, I can donate my time and talent. I am excited about this new venture. My husband will help me cut the required materials and I will sew during my spare time( when I am not working on projects for clients and making ‘product’). I can’t wait to share more about this in the future…
There has been so much learning going on, I will only share a snippet of what I have learned so far:
-Be Consistent in your Branding ~ What is the BRAND voice? What is the BRAND style? —-What is the BRAND behaviour?
-What feeling do you get when you think of the BRAND? When you think of Disney – it makes you feel warm and reminds you of childhood – What feeling do you get?
-Packaging, website, social media
-How does the BRAND act in the community?
There has been a lot of great info! I will post more about the new journey I am on and how everything is going! Please keep checking back as there are many changes going on with my blog right now! Have a great day Everyone!


One Central Belief

Christians can look very different from one another, and they can hold wildly varying beliefs about politics, lifestyle, and even theology. But one central belief unites and inspires all true Christians: Jesus Christ rose from the dead!

Baby Oil Life Hack

Did you know there are many uses other than skincare where you can use Baby Oil?

Here I’ll share a few of the things I use Baby Oil for in our home. You’d be amazed what this miracle worker can do!

  1. Remove make-up( eyeliner and mascara – use a Q-tip and gently wipe).
  2.  Add a few drops to your bath for silky smooth skin and a lovely scent! ( this works great for people with exczema or psoriasis.
  3.  You can use it to remove gum from hair.
  4.  You can use baby Oil, Soap and Water to make your own diaper wipes!
  5.  You can remove grease and oil from your hands with baby oil. ( put a bit on your hands and rub together, the build up will start to clump and come off.)

I’ll be sure to share if I find any more uses for this handy little fellow!

Have a wonderful day!

The Good Year

What if you knew in your heart the Lord was calling you closer to himself? What if you knew it was important to take some time off from everything – except what really needs to be done?

For the last year, I have been taking a break. A break from all the extra stuff. And only concentrating on what I know God is calling me to do.

To take care of my health, to take care of my family and build relationships. These things are important. When we go to heaven, we are not going to take any ‘things’ with us. No material things…But we will be able to leave a legacy, of kindness and caring, of putting others needs before our own.

The last year my family has had to grow and learn much more than we ever thought we would have in such a short period of time, But, that’s why I knew the Lord was calling me to look at things with a new light, I thought things were going just fine – and they are. We have a loving family and we own our own home.

But, there are other things, that just, kind of, broke me – broken friendships, broken relationships, and I had some healing to do before I was in a position to share with others –  When I am hurt, I kind of disappear, and I had a lot of hurt to work through in the past year, and with that a lot of growing and learning.

It has been important for our family to spend this time together, to build our relationships, to strengthen the kids faith, to help them know that we – their parents – are there to help them. We are not their friends…but it is important for us to lead them, love them, and teach them.

To learn the difference between just telling someone to do something and actually teaching them how to do it. This is the trait of a great leader.

No effective change happens over night – it happens over time,

it’s kind of been like a sabbatical:

a period of paid leave granted to a university teacher or other worker for study or travel, traditionally one year for every seven years worked.

I’ve been a stay at home Mom for 9 years now, while teaching Sunday school, going to swimming lessons, baseball, soccer, clubs, dance, volunteering at a pregnancy centre, with church, at school, dentist appointments, doctors appointments, appointments!!!

It was time.

Time for me to stop all that extra stuff, and work on things with my kids. We had gotten so busy going from one sport to the next club, to the next game, to the next meet – that we never got to teach our kids about calmness during the storm – it was always a storm!

Never got to work on manners, or what to do when we feel mad, or sad, or what to do on our own. Working with my  two sons to become more independent and not rely on ‘Mom” to do everything! Working on teaching my teenage daughter to actually cook a meal instead of kraft dinner or toast. Working on manners. Getting into a routine of brushing teeth every night AND every morning! just getting them to become more independent, so that one day I can be back at work,

It has been important for our family to concentrate on these things. Important for us to connect as a family, and grow, learn.

I just wanted to share with everyone what has bein going on at our house. I know I haven’t posted a blog post for quite some time! I am looking forward to having more time for my blog, now that my youngest has started school fulltime,

Keep an eye out –

There will be some changes coming to my blog and also to my blog posts! I am feeling motivated with this new season of my life! Wishing everyone many blessings and looking forward to talking soon



So it is God who decides to show mercy. We can neither choose it nor work for it. ROMANS 9:16

The fallacy of gaining salvation by human effort remains as strong as ever – people still think good intentions are the key to unlock the door to eternal life. By the time they get to try the lock, they will find their key does not fit. Others might imagine that their efforts are building an invisible ladder to heaven made up of service, family, position, reputation, good work, and desire, although none of these rungs will support a feather. People are so busy trying to reach God that they completely miss the truth that God has already reached down to them. We cannot earn Gods mercy – if we could, it would not be mercy. STUDY NOTE – Romans 9:16 NLT LIFE APPLICATION STUDY BIBLE

Epicure’s 90 day Clean Eating Challange

Oh my gosh friends…I am so excited to write about this gift I got for Christmas

A friend and mentor of mine is an EPICURE consultant.

EPICURE products are 100% gluten free, and made in a nut free facility. They are sugar and sodium consious.

At EPICURE, we’re not radical fanatics; we’re passionate realists who Challange the food industry and rally around clean eating.

So I was absolutely amazed when my friend and mentor stopped over with this package! It contains a whole set of EPICURE spices and seasonings, a recipe/cookbook, a food journal – which I am really excited about, with my underactive thyroid, I need to be keeping track of the food I eat. And some PROTEIN! 

I have only been posting here and there about my recent fitness journey – I have been on a mission to gain weight, but I wanted to gain weight in a healthy way – I wanted to put on muscle, not fat. 

I could have sat and ate chips, and doughnuts and pop and candy bars, but that wasn’t the weight I wanted to put on.

So I had to change the way I ate. I needed to eat things with good, healthy calories – I lost weight at first. I started at 112 lbs ( I am 5 feet tall) and went down to 97 lbs after cutting out sugar and carbs…but slowly, I am gaining muscle back – I am back to 110 lbs, of muscle – Which is what I was wanting to do.

I can feel the changes in my muscle tone – so can other people, My muscles are hard and toned now, instead of soft and flabby.

So this was an amazing gift, I am very excited to use it!

The Strongest Warrior Doesn’t Always Win The Battle

I have observed something else under the sun. The fastest runner doesn’t always win the race, and the strongest warrior doesn’t always win the battle. The wise sometimes go hungry, and the skillful are not necessarily wealthy. And those who are educated don’t always lead successful lives. It is all decided by chance, by being in the right place at the right time. People can never predict when hard times may come. Like fish caught in a net, or birds in a trap, people are caught by sudden tragedy. ECCLESIASTES 9: 11-12 NLT

It isn’t difficult to think of cases where the fastest and the strongest don’t win, the wise are poor, and the skillful are unrewarded with wealth or honor. Some people see such examples and call life unfair. and they are right. The world is finite, and sin has twisted life, making it what God did not intend. Solomon is trying to reduce our expectations. The book of Proverbs emphasizes how life would go if everyone acted fairly. Ecclesiastes explains what usually happens in our sinful and imperfect world. We must keep our perspective. Don’t let the inequities of life keep you from earnest dedicated work. We serve God, not people ( see Colossians 3:23)                STUDY NOTE – Ecclesiastes 9:11-12

Since you have been raised to  new life with Christ, set your sights on the realities of heaven, where Christs sits in the place of honor at Gods right hand. Think about the things of heaven, not the things of earth. For you died to this life, and your real life is hidden with Christ in God. And when Christ, who is your life, is revealed to the whole world, you will share in all his glory. Colossians 3:1-4 NLT