How we celebrate Christmas in our home – as Christian’s in today’s world…

Christmas has changed for us through out the years…but one thing remains the same – teach our children the true meaning of Christmas – that it is better to give than to receive, and that our Lord Jesus gave us the ultimate gift when he died on the cross for us.

So, the look and feel of Christmas has changed for us over the years.

When my oldest daughter was little – we didn’t do Santa Clause. I don’t think she even saw a ‘Mall Santa’ until she was at least 7 or 8 years old.

We would do a few gifts from Mom and Dad.

It was about the time my son was born that we started doing Santa Clause. There are alot of Christian’s who don’t ‘do’ Santa. We used to be included in this category, but as I listened to people’s reason’s for not believing in Santa – I started to re-think why we were or were not going to do it.

Many people have the false belief that if a child grows up believing in Santa and then finds out he’s not real – that can affect his trust in God. He may grow up to feel God isn’t real either.

But, if you teach your children from the beginning that the reason for Christmas is Jesus and not Santa, there really is no reason for their belief to be tarnished.

Once my first son was 3-4 years old, we went to the mall to see santa. That was about 5 years ago. 

My husband and I do 2-3 presents from santa, and the rest from him and I and family. We have tried to make Santa not a ‘big deal’ in our home, Christmas is about Jesus, the Lord, giving, and spending time with the ones we love.

It is still early, my daughter is only 13, my son 9, and my youngest 3.5 – but it hasn’t affected their faith in God or Jesus. It actually gives us more of a chance to talk about the customs of the world and the customs of the word – conversations we may not have otherwise –

So yes, Santa is welcome in our home – does he take away from the true meaning of Christmas? Not at all.

This year, we will be having a birthday cake – for Jesus. To celebrate his birth. To celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.

We decorate a tree. We do stockings. We do a few gifts. We do Christmas dinner. We do turkey and all  the trimmings, We would like to go serve at a kitchen as a family this year.

We also listen to mostly Christian hymns for Christmas music – Silent Night, Joy to the world, O come all ye Faithful. We enjoy the true spirit of Christmas.

And I want my children to believe.

Maybe not in Santa, but in the idea – that anything is possible, miracles DO happen, dreams do come true, he(God) is real – if you just BELIEVE πŸ’–

So, Christmas may ‘look’ different in our home, compared to other Christian’s – but I have learned, you do what works for you, not everyone else – and that ‘Jesus is the reason for the season πŸŽ„πŸ˜Š’


Keto – what it is – the benefits – and how it’s helped our family.

Have you ever wondered what a KETO (Ketogenic) meal plan looks like?

A few months back – I wondered the same thing myself – and then I started doing some research.

A KETO diet or meal plan is where you increase your healthy fats ( ie: olive oil, butter, coconut oil) and animal protein (ie: lots of meat – chicken, steak, ribs, bacon, salami, turkey, eggs, cheese – again, you want the healthy fat – so try for 2% or higher milk …the form we got from our doctor recommends 3.5%…ewww!) and lots of whole, clean veggies and fruit – opt for the veggies if you can, some fruits are still  high in sugar.

While decreasing your carbohydrates and starches (ie:breads, pasta’s, rice, potatoes, fried food, processed foods – to me I think basically anything that comes in a box and you buy on the shelf instead of the produce section)

And decreasing your sugar intake(drinking water – not juice or pop, limiting treats, and snacking in healthy options.)

You should only eat when you are HUNGRY, and limit snacking to only a must – and if you must snack, choose a healthy option.

You should aim for about 14 hours between supper and breakfast.

I also learned that over time, people who lost weight on a high animal protein diet, usually gain it back in the long run…so, you also need to include alot of plant based protein in your diet as well (ie: a plant based protein supplement – I love VEGA and IDEALSHAPE, peas, nuts,beans and lots of other fruits and veggies contain protein.

There are two reasons we started this journey – (1) I had been really sick, from an emergency appendectomy, being diagnosed as underactive thyroid, taking 6 years to get that under control and be on the right meds, cervical dysplasia – requiring laser surgery, teeth problems – 7 route canals, 7 cavities filled and 6 teeth pulled, having pneumonia and bronchitis every year for 6 years, Menstration, sorry boys, but yes, I had period problems! For 2-3 years, I never knew what was coming – it would come for two- three weeks at a time, it would stop for a week and then I would get it for another two weeks. It was so heavy I had to wear a tampon and a pad and sometimes I couldn’t even leave the house because I would bleed through everything, not to mention four pregnancies in 10 years, by my fourth, I was  really sick  and so was he, he was only 4.5 pounds when he was born,it was alot, I was really sick, for a really long time and I finally figured out that maybe if I got on top of my health – really paying attention to what my body was saying, how certain foods made me feel after, watching the kinds of foods I ate – maybe I could get on top of this: I started changing the way I eat and workout last April, it has been 8 months and I am feeling so much better! My periods are back to normal, I didn’t have pneumonia or bronchitis last year or this year so far, my thyroid seems to be under control and no more issues with the cervical dysplasia – I find I still have low energy some days, but that has taught me to eat properly – foods that are going to give me energy – not make me tired – but, all in all, I feel 90% better than I used to. I can’t wait to see how I feel after a few more months of sticking to this!

The second (2) reason our family is on this journey is because my son has been struggling with his weight. My oldest son is Caleb- he is 8.5, he turns 9 this month and weighs 130+ pounds.

We went to speak to the doctor to get a renewal on his puffer because he has asthma – but the doctors are thinking that it is from his weight – and if he loses a bit of weight, he may be able to breath better.

So she placed Caleb on a strict Keto meal plan – and I can see some results already!

Not huge gains, but, he has slimed down a pound or two, and his attitude is better – I think because his mind is clearer! 

I will keep everyone posted in the coming weeks as to how this journey is going for Caleb and myself!

Where does the Time Go?

Hey there friends! You will have to forgive me – it has been crazy hectic here the last few weeks! So there hasn’t been much time for blogging 😳 

Three weeks ago, we started having trouble with our van – took it to the garage, told them it was the starter, they didn’t fix it- we got our van back the next day and it still wouldn’t turn on! So it was back to the garage for another day…all of that took about a week to get taken care of.

Then last week our washing machine broke – after our dryer already kicked the bucket back in the summer time – so, last week, I was driving to appliance stores trying to see what I could find!

We bought a new washer – and are going to get our dryer serviced – we brought the new machine home last Thursday, and it doesn’t work either – we called them Saturday, they suggested a few things, Sunday they are not there…(we live in a small community) so maybe today it might get figured out!

But, we have a family of 5 – we can’t go a week or two without doing laundry…so it’s been back and forth to the laundry mat as well! 

One blessing that made it our way – back in the summer I submitted a photo for a contest and I won $500! It came in last week and helped pay for our new washing machine! At just the right time! God is always watching and knows just what we need!

Also, we decorated our Christmas tree, got all the lights and decorations on it and turned it on – it lit up for about 1 minute, then the whole tree went out! So, we had to take everything off, figure out which set of lights was broken, get new lights and redecorate the treeπŸŽ„

So, goodness, gracious, it’s been interesting!

Also, I had my son to the doctor for his asthma, and she is thinking it may be weight related – so we are trying a new eating plan – KETO – super excited! I have personally been eating this way the last few months and feel great! So I am excited to see how he does! I want to post about all his information soon too! So ,I still have lots to write! Just a matter of getting it done! 

Inthink that’s all for now, I hope you all have a wonderful day friends!

Knit – Today’s One-Word Prompt on

I always wanted to learn how to knit when I was a little girl. I wanted to know how to make my own socks and sweaters, to keep warm in the cold Canadian winter’s.

I finally learned how to knit when I was 25 years old. It’s been 6 years and I still haven’t made a pair of socks!

Oh…I’ve made lots of other things..knitted bears, placemats, potholders..

But I haven’t made it much farther than that so far…( I also must mention I have a home sewing business and most of my time gets spent on sewing and family! Lol)

So, one day, I still have a goal to knit a pair of socks… one day…πŸ˜‰


Wisdom comes in two ways: it is a God-given gift and also the result of an energetic search. Wisdom’s starting point is God and his revealed word, the source of ‘knowledge and understanding’ (2:6). 

In that sense, wisdom is God’s gift to us. But he gives it only to those who earnestly seek it. 

But because God’s wisdom is hidden from the rebellious and foolish, it takes effort to find and use it. 

The pathway to wisdom is strenuous. When we are on the path, we discover that true wisdom is God’s and that he will guide us and reward our sincere and persistent search.

We gain wisdom through a constant process of growing. First, we must trust and honor God. Second, we must realize that the Bible reveals God’s wisdom for us. Third, we must make a life-long series of right choices and avoid moral pitfalls. Fourth, when we do make sinful choices or mistakes, we must learn from our errors and recover. People don’t develop all aspects of wisdom at once. For example, some people have more insight than discretion; others have more knowledge than common sense. But we can pray for all aspects of wisdom and take the steps to develop them.

NLT Life Application Study Bible – Study Note: Proverbs 2:3-10

Christmas Music

When I worked in retail and the service industry I hated how they would play Christmas music so early.

It’s a little different for me this year, being home with the kids, I usually only hear it when I walk into a store…and it’s so nice!

How your perspective can change over the years!

What about you? Do you enjoy Christmas music or not? Feel free to leave a comment😊